Clinton Supporters Are Lashing Out Over the Loss Of Their Virtue Signals


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Clinton supporters and why they act the way they do to anyone who dares to voice opposition to their candidate. It is not unusual for them to immediately go into liberal gaslighting mode the moment they encounter someone voicing concerns over the prospect of a Clinton Presidency. Their favorite topic, of course, is to play the ‘sexism’ card and just assume the only possible reason for not supporting the Neoliberal corporatist warmonger Clinton is ‘misogyny.’ One tumblr-style feminist even called me a ‘beta male rapist’ (whatever the fuck that even means) because I dared bring up questions about Clinton’s foreign policy record in a public forum.

And while politics have always been ugly and there’s always been elements of this on both sides of the manufactured and largely illusory political divide in the United States, this year it’s really getting out of hand, but especially with Clinton supporters. I oppose Trump too, and while his people may call me names, it’s nowhere near as vile and abusive as the treatment I have received from Clinton supporters for daring to not fall in line and support this year’s Democratic nominee,

The conclusion I’ve reached is that they are in the throes of a pathological fit due to the loss of their virtue signals. Virtue signaling is when you attach yourself to a view, position, idea, etc for the purpose of letting everyone know what a virtuous person you are. For a long time liberal Democrats have relied on the virtue signal of merely supporting the Democrat candidate in any given election to let everyone know how ‘tolerant’ or socially, politically, and intellectually enlightened they are.

And while outliers in American politics have long poked holes in this virtue signaling, not until now has it been so widespread and mainstream among people ostensibly on the ‘left’ side of the political spectrum to call into question just how ‘virtuous’ these shitbag Democrat politicians really are.

And the people who still cling to the notion that ‘Democrats good, Republicans bad’ are losing their damned minds over it.

So instead of adjusting their worldviews and abandoning preconceived notions they are digging their feet into the dirt and lashing out like petulant children at anyone who dares suggest that maybe it’s not enough to put a rainbow flag on top of your profile picture if you want to be seen as doing anything short of condoning the Neoliberal Corporate War State facilitated and perpetuated by both major political parties in this country.

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