Clinton Campaign Manager Robby MookCarthy Blames ‘Those Damned Commies’ For DNC Email Leak

Red Scare! Red scare!

Didn't this moron see Trumbo? Bryan Cranston was excellent.
Didn’t this moron see Trumbo? Bryan Cranston was excellent.

Taking a cue from political fear peddling of decades past, Clinton sycophant/campaign manager Robby Mook hopped on state propaganda outlet CNN to blame Russian Hackers who support Donald Trump for leaking DNC emails that indicate a conspiracy to damage the campaign of Bernie Sanders for the benefit of the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

George Orwell himself could not have made this up.

So not only is it the fault of the ‘Russians’ now that the DNC’s bad and likely illegal behavior has been exposed for all the world to see, but scary Trump is also guilty by association. What a perfect deflection narrative!

Except the only people buying it are the deluded flakes who already piss their pants over the mere mentioning of the name ‘Trump’ and were already voting for Clinton in this election 8 years ago when she lost the first time she ran.

It’s over for Hillary. She’s going to lose.



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