Classic Clip: Motorhead’s Lemmy Shares Thoughts On The Liberal Censorship Group PMRC

The Parents Music Resource Coalition (or PMRC – what a more Orwellian name was not available?) was a group of dopey liberals fronted by Al Gore’s dough-faced wife Tipper because she and other upper class liberal politicians’ wives had nothing better to do than appeal to the paranoid child-protecting instincts of millions of bored American housewives who needed an enemy. Rather than fight something like war, environmental degradation, vast inequality, poverty, the sorry state of our country’s education system, etc, they decided that they needed to protect their precious little snowflake children from from the existentially grave threat of bad words sung by Public Enemy, Motley Crue, and Motorhead, whose bassist and singer can be seen speaking out against the group in the clip below.

RIP Lemmy Kilmister. You are greatly missed.



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