Can Bill O’Reilly Save The White Establishment?

bill oreilly war on the white establishment

Just when you might have thought that the war on Christmas having been won by the side of virtue and sky daddies meant you could take a rest from fighting degenerate atheist secularist libtards and other foul creatures, Bill O’Reilly has declared a new front on the omnipresent battle to save society from things he decided not liking was good for his ratings: a war on the white establishment.

white establishment
The white establishment: the same guys who killed Socrates.

That’s right, the white establishment is under attack. And by that, I don’t think he means an orange-colored man beat a white woman in the recent presidential election.

orange donald trump
An orange man beat a white woman to win the presidency. What’s happening to this country?

No, Bill is warning us about the all-too-real possibility that guys like him and his ilk are not taken as seriously as they once were and their grip on power is loosening slightly. Yes, middle-aged bible-toting blowhards from the suburbs are still living their lives in reverence of the ‘white establishment’ that has brought such awesomeness into our lives as Fox news, megachurches, and Arby’s, but in some areas of society power is being gained by such dis-righteous purveyors of filth like the white non-establishment, black people, and Mexicans.

I even saw a new burrito shop just opened at the local mini-mall the other day. WTF? That could have been a flag store.

So this is no time to sleep. The destruction of all that is white and good in America never stops. We must take arms to make sure cable news is still a safe space for out-of-touch, delusional white millionaires to bloviate. The future of the country depends on it.



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