Bryan Cranston As Donald Trump: ‘Breaking Bad’ Actor Preparing For Most Evil Role Yet

Bryan Cranston has let it be known on more than one occasion that while he is no fan of Donald Trump, he definitely finds his rise fascinating. The Breaking Bad actor says there is something ‘Shakespearian’ about Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency, and he means that in the most classically tragic sense of the term.

Bryan Cranston gave an interview to the Las Vegas Review Journal last week in which he explained his reasoning for wanting to play Donald Trump in a new film.

“Well, Donald Trump is a wonderful character. I’ve been playing around a little with it and have worked on a portrayal,” Cranston said. “There will be a story done on him, obviously. I think it would be something I would be very interested in exploring, for the serio-tragic nature of it. His story is very Shakespearean in so many ways.”

Bryan Cranston had previously responded to a New Year’s tweet made by Donald Trump, which I wrote about in an article for the Inquisitr.

In the video below from before the election, Cranston explains that Trump bloviates endlessly about how terrible everything he is, and that only he can fix it, but offers no specific solutions. Cranston gives an impression of Trump just after the five-minute mark in the video, and while it’s not quite as spot-on as Alec Baldwin’s hilarious Saturday Night Live impersonations, I think Cranston, being a much better dramatist than Baldwin, would be perfect for a non-comedic portrayal of Donald Trump.

Cranston hilarious appeared on Saturday Night Live in November, reprising his role as Walter White, aka Heisenberg, from Breaking Bad, in a skit that had him playing the role of Donald Trump’s pick for head of the Drug Enforcement Agency.



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