Breaking: Corrupt AG Loretta Lynch Blocked FBI Probe Into Clinton Foundation


Apparently the FBI thought it had enough evidence earlier this year to investigate the Clinton Foundation for corruption, but the investigation was halted by Clinton lackey Loretta Lynch. It’s kind of cute for the FBI to have even tried, given what we know about the Obama administrations’s affinity for covering up for and helping the Clinton criminal syndicate.

From CNN earlier this afternoon:

The Clinton Foundation was not part of the recent investigation into her private server; it was separate. The FBI went to Justice Department earlier this year asking for it to open a case into the foundation, but the public integrity unit declined. The Justice Department had looked into whether it should open a case on the foundation a year prior and found it didn’t have sufficient evidence to do so.

None of this is surprising, and given FBI Director James Comey’s inability or unwillingness to recommend charge her for crimes he admitted she was guilty of having committed, it probably would not have mattered if they had conducted an investigation.

That the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Department has a ‘special relationship’ in which State Department favors were granted to donors to the Clinton Foundation is something that only the most delusional and naive Clinton supporters will deny at this point. The problem is that there’s no one willing to do anything about it who has the power to do anything about it.

So what do we do about it?



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