Bill Clinton’s Runway Meeting With AG Lynch Was Typical Clinton Political Theater. Here’s Why He Did it…

The general consensus among political commentators and observers is that the meeting on the runway of Sky Harbor airport between Bill CLinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch was an act of political miscalculation on the part of both Clinton and Lynch.

I am not sure if Lynch was complicit in the deeper scheme, but the meeting was certainly not a political miscalculation by Clinton. He knew exactly what he was doing.

The Clintons at this point know that Hillary is going to be indicted. What they are going to do now is to try and peddle the narrative that this is an act of politically-motivated overstep by a ‘right-wing’ FBI. This narrative will sell because James Comey is a Republican and the typical Clinton supporter has a Pavlovian response to anything dealing with Clintons and Republicans where they will almost pre-cognitively decide it’s a right-wing smear and little else. It would be far more difficult for the Clintons to peddle this narrative if a non-politicized Loretta Lynch announced she was moving ahead with indictments despite no recent ‘conflicts of interest’ being brought into play, such as meeting with Willie on the plane.

So, what happened was Bill Clinton decided to have this little ‘private meeting’ with Lynch so that she would be forced to come out and assure everyone that she would not act against recommendations from the FBI. She is now rendered essentially meaningless – a neutral observer. She can’t take a stand against the recommendations because it has been shown as politically dangerous for her to do so and her vague ‘support’ for the indictments will have already been rendered as a shallow attempt to save political face once the indictments come down. Therefore, the Clintons can make the case that the investigation is illegitimate as it is shrouded in political controversy and motivated by the same old ‘vast right wing conpiracy’lie they have always used to make excuses for their misdeeds.

Never underestimate a Clinton. These people are smart, calculating sociopaths and they know what they’re doing at every turn.

Hopefully it’s finally time to be witness to their demise.




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