Are Her Crimes Ignored Because She’s A Woman Or Because She’s A Clinton?

No one in the history of the United States has been nominated by a major political party to be their presidential nominee while concurrently under a criminal investigation by the FBI. That is not a ‘right wing conspiracy.’ It is a fact. The Democratic Party seems wholly intent on changing that fact. They wish to nominate Hillary Clinton, currently the subject of not one, but two FBI investigations, to be their nominee for President of the country.

This baffles the fuck out of me, to be honest. I mean, politics are politics. But really, a person under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigations? Absurd. I wouldn’t hire that person to clean my floors. There are better people available.

So one can really only conclude that there is something special about Mrs. Clinton. Some special quality that places her on a pedestal on which she can rise above the normal constraints placed on candidates for President, like that they’re not known criminals.

I can really only come to two conclusions: either her family has been elevated above the law and can therefore do whatever they want, or the idea of a generic ‘woman president’ is so important to some people that they’ll ignore other concerns and just vote for her despite her crimes.

Perhaps I’m missing something. Please fill me in.





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