Alex Jones Caught Using Crisis Actor In False Flag Seattle Coffee Attack…

Professional idiot Alex Jones was in Seattle on Friday harassing pedestrians on the sidewalk. One of the pedestrians Jones confronted unscrewed the lid on his thermos after a brief confrontation and appeared to pour liquid on Jones that Jones later claimed was “scalding hot coffee.” The entire confrontation seems completely staged. Also note the liquid looked clear and did not appear to cause pain to Jones or turn his face pink, as would normally be the case with a “scalding hot” liquid.

The person who poured the liquid on Jones has turned out to be a local Seattle musician named Jake Stratton. Seattle’s City Arts Online describes Jake Stratton as a bit of a local “Ringmaster” in a write up about him from 2011.

Of course, I don’t ‘know’ that Stratton is a crisis actor or that this is a false flag. But like Alex Jones, I’m just asking some ‘questions.’ (Also, George Soros told me I needed to get another article finished before my paid protest engagements on Saturday).

(Edit: a few people have commented that they know this guy or know people who know him and that he’s not a crisis actor. I think it should be pretty obvious this article is intended as a satire on the way Alex Jones describes things as being ‘false flags,’ but as seems to usually be the case, satire just doesn’t compute for everyone. Apologies if you were expecting some mind-blowing exposé.)



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