51 State Department Officials Ask Obama To Commit War Crimes In Syria – Ready For Hillary?

51 high ranking State Department ‘diplomats’ recently used an internal state department ‘dissent channel’ to address a cable to Barack Obama demanding immediate bombing raids on state military forces in Syria in an effort to overthrow Bashar al-Assad.

There’s just one problem; this would be a clear violation of international law, as Marjorie Cohn explains:

While the cable decries “the Russian and Iranian governments’ cynical and destabilizing deployment of significant military power to bolster the Assad regime,” the cable calls for the United States to protect and empower “the moderate Syrian opposition,” seeking to overthrow the Syrian government.

However, Assad’s government is the only legitimate government in Syria and, as the sovereign, has the legal right to seek international support as it has from Russia and Iran. There is no such legal right for the United States and other countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, to arm Syrian rebels to attack Assad’s government.

The United States and Russia are currently both battling ISIS in Syria. Only the US is actively supporting rebels who are fighting against the sovereign regime of Bashar al-Assad which governs Syria. The diplomats who signed the cable are asking us to go a step further and begin a bombing campaign against official Syrian military forces, essentially an act of unprovoked war; a war crime of the highest possible order, which the Neoliberal State Department sees as merely good business.

It’s no mystery what’s going on here. The career criminals of the State Department are rolling out the red carpet for the arrival of their Queen next January. They are salivating over the thought of getting to expand their tentacles much farther than an admittedly hawkish but somewhat sort of reluctantly so Obama administration would ever allow. They know that a Clinton presidency will sate their sociopathic desires, and they just can’t help themselves.




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