5 Reasons The Democrats Handed Trump The Presidency On A Silver Platter

Oh Democrats, you know you brought this upon yourselves, right? Can’t say a lot of us did not warn you. Don’t blame me. I voted for Sanders.

Here are five ways the Democratic Party establishment handed the election to Donald Trump on a silver fucking platter (adorned with little American flags, of course, and etched with “Make America Great Again” in gold engraving).

1. The audacity of the Democratic party establishment in thinking they could count on left-leaning voters to fall in line behind their establishment candidate, even after rigging the election against the candidate that generated the most excitement in the primaries. Did they really expect the passionate, committed supporters of Bernie Sanders to not only accept the abuse but reward their abusers? Why yes, they did. This is because the Democrats have long relied on fearmongering to beat their audience into submission. Not anymore, apparently.

2. The failures of Barack Obama, most notably in foreign policy and the garbage Affordable Care Act (an Orwellian name for a law if ever there was one), have left most Americans, and notably those who count themselves as Independents or centrist Democrats, with a general lack of enthusiasm over the types of statist solutions offered by the liberal Democratic establishment.

3. Leftist identity politics and the way the media and the liberal establishment have used them to manipulate the public consciousness has been a nightmare for our society. The Democrats have long been capitalizing on the tendency of society to move away from more traditional values toward something new, but in the past several years they have brazenly upped the ante on the manner in which they attack and malign people who are more socially conservative than your average liberal arts professor. While a more nuanced approach may not have cost them, their insistence on brow-beating middle America with their views has worked wildly against them. Sadly, some of the people they pretended to be helping are the ones who will likely suffer most from the blowback.

4. A shift in the public consciousness toward anti-establishment views. While I am personally suspicious of just how truly ‘anti-establishment’ Donald Trump’s administration will be, the Democrats chose to run a candidate that embodies everything that is wrong with the political establishment in this country. From scheming and conniving backroom deals, pay-to-play schemes, and a get-rich-quick approach to public service, the onslaught of Wikileaks Emails from Podesta and the DNC have shown the country and the world just how corrupt and phony the Clintons and their party are, whereas the republicans ran a self-styled ‘outlaw’ on a platform to come to Washington and kick in some heads. For what it’s worth, that appealed to people more than Clinton’s ‘most experienced candidate ever’ schtick, which wore thin before the cheap paint dried on its facade.

5. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, corporate, warmongering, neoliberal criminal, and her husband was an embarrassment to this country. I was a kid when Slick Willie sexually abused his intern and it wasn’t exactly comfortable having to sit at the dinner table with my parents every night while this was the main thing the news was reporting. It was probably even worse for my parents, and most parents in the country. People don’t forget that kind of thing. And if Hillary was some sweet angel who could cast herself as the victim, that would be one thing, but we all knew then and know even more now who she really is. And those of us like myself who are deeply troubled by my country’s foreign policy were not going to support some warmongering neoliberal who reminds us of Dick Cheney ina $3000 pantsuit just because we’re supposed to believe “Trump is scary.”

Personally, I hope the results of this election signal the beginning of the demise of the Democratic party. The sooner it dies, the better off we will all be. Hopefully the corpse left from Hillary Clinton’s historic loss will not leave too much of a disgusting mess for us to clean.



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