13 House Democrats Voted In Committee To Deregulate Hedge Funds – Here Are Their Bribes

The 13 House Democrats listed whose names are listed below alongside dollar amounts are the 13 Democratic members of the House Financial Services Committee. The dollar amounts are the money they all received in bribes from the Finance Sector.

• Patrick Murphy (FL)- $1,413,950
• Jim Himes(CT)- $618,150
• Kyrsten Sinema(AZ)- $589,388
• Ed Perlmutter-(CO) $455,157
• Bill Foster(IL)- $401,935
• Terri Sewell(AL)- $379,400
• David Scott(GA)- $368,640
• John Delaney(MD)- $351,750
• Gregory Meeks(NY)- $338,550
• Brad Sherman(CA)- $300,750
• Juan Vargas(CA)- $247,549
• Joyce Beatty(OH)- $225,050
• John Carney(DE)- $164,450

Given all that money, it’s no surprise at all that these 13 swine last week voted to move to the floor of the house HR 5424, the “Investment Advisers Modernization Act” which essentially makes Dodd-Frank powerless when it comes to enforcing regulations or even a whisper of oversight on large hedge funds.

Down With Tyranny has more details.




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